Thursday, February 10, 2011

All these intrusions just take us too long

Hmmm.... and Welcome Back!
It's funny - I've gone off and around the internet since 2008 to blog elsewhere, discover the joys (and jeers) of Facebook, develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Pandora, subscribe to over 100 blogs (and then unsubscribe to all by 20 of the), discover friends blogs, spend too many hours on etsy and youtube and otherwise ignore this here journal. And yet, reading through posts 5 years later is a bit like having a conversation with a slightly younger version of myself. I recognize the voice, the tone and the constant questions. And I remember what sparked certain musings. But, I also know what happened next - something she doesn't. And that's a bit odd.
Rather than sum up 3 years, I figure I'll just start where I'm at and see where I go. So, it's cold. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm in love with the colors gray and yellow and I wish that my "real life" was a bit more exciting and that I took my yoga practice more seriously.
More - that's a word to ponder for awhile.
So, perhaps an exercise is a way to begin. 30 days - 30 posts.
Hello, Internet. It's good to be back.