Sunday, November 26, 2006

Count your blessings instead of sheep

Things I'm thankful for 2006 (not exhaustive):
1. My brother who is well on his way to full recovery after his open heart surgery and valve insertion 5 weeks ago. It is amazing to see him jumping around, jamming on his bass, making his generally sarcastic observations - and with 5 extra pounds and some healthy looking color in his face to boot!
2. My family: who know me, love me and still invite me home.
3. My friends far and near
4. A job that satisfies me on multiple levels - moreover, a job that doesn't totally trample my hope that someday I will be working to live and not living to work
5. Education: to quote someone somebody thought was quoatable, "Education is not preparation for Life, Education is Life."
6. The United States of America and those who defend her day and night
7. A bountiful local harvest and the technology that brings all matter of culinary treasures to my doorstep.
8. Sheep, alpacas and other wooly beasts.
9. Music and art
10. Those who strive for Peace.
Thanksgiving was quite wonderful this year, and I, in particular, enjoyed the four day vacation. It hit me that I have not taken four straight day's away from the office or school since I began here in July. I had to talk myself away from the computer/email numerous times.
But, in the end, I enjoyed two fantastic celebrations with family and friends. And I got some Christmas shopping done.
The most exciting accomplishment, however, were these:

Hooray! The next sweater is cast on... I just hope it's done in time for Christmas!