Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miss Guided Heart, Miss Play it Smart

Miss If-you-want-to-use-that-line-you-better-not-start.
It's been a Kelly Clarkson kind of day. It seemed like every radio station was playing a (different) Ms. Clarkson song, all the DJs were talking about her recent disagreement with record execs and her canceled tour and her wish to help young girls avoid eating disorders. I've always like Kelly Clarkson, but this was intense (particularly since I drove around town for about 20 minutes today). And now an internet add featuring her is staring up at me.

Two items have made their way back into my kitchen cupboard for which I could not be happier or more grateful. The first is vanilla extract. I had been baking without it and attempt to convince/lie to myself that it didn't matter. The second is REAL maple syrup. From Maine. I have always loved the taste of REAL syrup. And, I have to say the the collection of sap while there was still snow on the ground has always been a comforting (and much needed) reminder that spring was around the corner.
These items made it possible for me to have pancakes for dinner which I absolutely love, particularly when I have a bit of a cold (as I do today). As usual, I burned the second cake because I was too busy eating the first, but I loved them anyway. I'm a whole wheat, no floaties, syrup and butter girl when it comes to pancakes, just in case you were wondering.

Tonight the MLS All-Star team (sans David Beckham who has not yet played a game and is therefore not an MLS All-Star) takes on the #1 ranked Scottish Celtics. I've been excited for this game for weeks - mostly because I get to watch it from my brand-spankin'-new couch!
(I haven't been into the boring blogging in months. This could become a habit.)


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