Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blame us 'cause we are who we are

Two weeks ago Tuesday I woke up, prepped and ate a bowl of cereal, dressed, walked to work, sat in an interview and found myself saying (outloud to the 3 other people in the room), "Well, I feel better!" Luckily, my statement fit into the context of what we had been talking about and none of them had any idea that I was keenly and joyously aware of a shift. My confident, witty familiar self had returned and I, indeed, was comfortable in my own skin again!

Can I get an "Amen!"?

It's strange to be generally confident and have that seem to vanish when you're out of your element. It's off-putting to be comfortable in a variety of settings and suddenly find that you're comfortable in none. Yes, I've already done a "lessons learned" post, and in reading that I am in agreement with most of what I said, and shocked by the apparent wonder of its writer.

While I could report on the countless revelations of the past month, I'd prefer to summarize by saying that: 1) Life is, by-in-large, good 2) you are who you are and that is most assuredly better than being anything (or anyone) else and 3) there are few things better than a well written book, a hand-knit sweater or a freshly baked cake.

And that's my philosophy.

By the way, I'm currently on vacation. I've only gone into the office 3 times (and before you say anything, I understand that voluntarily going into the office at 10:30 rather than 9 does not qualify as a vacation) and have managed a short escape from the Hampshire (thereby stopping any further trips into the office). I've started many books, finished none, fully explored a new cookbook, cleaned my home from top to bottom (well, I stopped at the bedroom door, but there is always Thursday) and am awaiting the arrival of new furniture! The excitement never ends!

Oh, and I've watched a fair amount of the OC Seasons 3 and 4. I had forgotten how much I loved that show, particularly Ryan and Sandy. It's been nice to have them back. Indulgent, but nice.


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